Amounts under $10.00 do not warrant the administrative cost of a refund. Overages are automatically deposited into St. Louis County's General Funds account.

Amounts over $10.00 will be issued a check refunding the overage amount to you.

Staff will check your document for the minimum statutory requirements for recording, but cannot:

  • Verify that the document fulfills the intentions of the party recording the document;
  • Give legal advice;
  • Perform deed searches;
  • Complete or fill out/type deed forms;
  • Provide notary public services;
  • Supply blank legal forms;
  • Determine ownership of a property

USPS mail or Drop-Off the original notarized document: Recorder of Deeds, 41 S Central Ave, Clayton, MO 63105.  Please include a check or money order made payable to ‘ROD’ for the cost of the deed recording. The original will be returned to you within one week of the recording date.

Online through one of our third-party vendors.  A list of vendors can be found online on the Recorder of Deed’s eRecording web page.

$24.00 for the first page, $3.00 each additional page.  A $25 non-standard fee will be added if the document does not meet the Missouri Document Formatting Standards.

If you use eRecording, additional fees may be charged by the vendor.  A list of vendors can be found on the Recorder of Deed’s eRecording web page.

First, you will need to find information about your deed, like number of pages and other important recording information:

  • Search for your Real Estate Information on St. Louis County’s website
  • Click on your property to pull it up
  • Click on ‘View Deed Index Information’ to view recording details
  • Follow the instructions on the bottom of the pop-up window to

Deeds are legal documents. The Recorder of Deeds office only records deeds and advises its customers to consult with a real estate attorney or title company in preparing any deeds pertaining to real estate property.

You can enroll in St. Louis County’s Property Fraud Alert – free of charge.  After you enroll, you will be notified every time a document is recorded that contains your name. Enroll online or by calling 1-800-728-3858.