Project Title:  Preventing Violence through Youth Peer Health Education and Parent Advocacy 

1. Define the target audience and reach: Who is eligible for the project and how many individuals will be served?

We are focused on providing peer health education on violence prevention to young people in grades 6-12 in the Promise Zone. Our current team of 8 peer health educators will be retained and 2 or more new educators will be recruited from the Promise Zone. They will receive training in utilizing the Arts as a tool to communicate about violence prevention. We will also serve up to 230 youth in the Promise Zone through workshops and presentations at area after school programs and special events and through mentoring and tutoring. 

2. Provide a summary that describes the project and how the program will be delivered.

This program is a year-round youth leadership development and peer health educator program that employs and trains high school students as educators and peer leaders using artistic expression to promote awareness of health and wellness issues, including violence prevention.  Up to 10 health educators will be trained on issues of violence prevention such bullying and conflict resolution. These health educators will then create presentations that are relevant to issues facing young people in grades 6 through 12. We will partner with two or more community organizations to hold presentations and workshops to reach up to 200 youth who will learn ways prevent and/or avoid violence. In addition, we will work with parents, including those of our peer health educators, by creating a parent group. This group will meet regularly to support each other and be trained as advocates on violence prevention. We will also partner with local media outlets to promote presentations, workshops and violence prevention messages to a broader audience for greater community impact.

3. Describe the project goals and objectives.

The project goal is to bring public health lens in the efforts to prevent violence in the Promise Zone through peer health educators and parent advocates.

Our objectives are to:
-Train up to 10 local high school youth as peer health educators. 

4. List the budget for complete project