Project Title:  Peer Support

1.    Define the target audience and reach: Who is eligible for the project and how many individuals will be served?

Our certified peer specialist will aim to reach youth between the ages of 18-25 who are unhoused.

2.    Provide a summary that describes the project and how the program will be delivered.

We will coordinate with community partners to identify at least 50 unhoused youth to participate in our project. We will teach the unhoused youth how to increase their community resilience impact. We will accomplish this goal by teaching youth life skills, trauma-informed care, and resilience building. Community resilience and humanizing youth, will make them feel safe will make a difference in St. Louis.

3.    Describe the project goals and objectives.

Our goals for this project are to distribute at least 5,000 meals to 50 homeless youth in the promise zone, provide 20 resilience messaging events, and connect the participants to additional wrap around services to meet their daily needs. We will collect event surveys that will show a net increase in understanding of resilience by 100%. We will also train peer support specialist and have them support 50 youth in developing and implementing their own plans.

4.    List the budget for complete project.