Project Title: Youth Activities-Based Programming and Parent/Provider Meetings

1.    Define the target audience and reach: Who is eligible for the project and how many individuals will be served?

We anticipate providing Activities-Based services to a total of 261 youth between the ages of 10 and 19, with a ReCAST focus on youth between 13-17 years old who complete at least 25 days of the program. We anticipate hosting 24 Parent and Provider meetings during the grant period, with an estimated 10 attendees per session. 

2.    Provide a summary that describes the project and how the program will be delivered.

All Activities-Based programming will be provided at the agency’s headquarters in the Promise Zone, and will include life skills classes, vocational and job skills training, fitness and recreational sessions, and participation in community events.  Parent and Provider Group Meetings are held bi-monthly using a virtual platform, for one hour each, and are designed to provide parents and providers with the tools they need to support their families and communities while providing an open forum for free discussion. All services are provided free of charge.

3.    Describe the project goals and objectives.

Specific to Activities-Based programming, we have the following goals: improve decision making-66%; decrease frequency/intensity of problem behaviors- 70%; increase core strengths-70%; improve goal setting-66%. Specific to the Parent and Provider Meetings, the overarching goal is to offer an open forum to discuss how to help youth struggling with mental, emotional, and behavioral issues at this incredibly difficult time. Goals for this program include: 100% of participants receive actionable material regarding early voting registration and general voting requirements, 80% of attendees will actively participate in meeting conversation, and 75% of attendees who participate in at least two meetings will report improved quality of life.

4.    List the budget for complete project.

The total project budget for this grant period is $2,255,000 with $30,000 of ReCAST funding designated to support a targeted number of youth and parents/providers.