Funded Program(s)

Family Support

2020-2022 Core Award - $555,000.00

CHADS Family Support provides evidence-based short-term counseling to stabilize frequently suicidal, severely depressed, and intensely anxious youth. CHADS Family Support is designed to keep youth from falling through the cracks• by reducing barriers to care. Families are involved in the youth's care through gathering a brief history of concerns from parents/guardians, phone calls, or meetings to safety plan when a client reports feeling suicidal, and referrals for additional support as needed.

Signs of Suicide

2020-2022 Core Award - $400,000.00

Signs of Suicide (SOS) is an evidence-based prevention program that uses a two-pronged approach: education to raise awareness; and screening for depression and other risk factors. The program teaches youth to recognize the signs of mental illness and what they can do to get help. CHADS offers multiple versions of the program focusing on special topics and appropriate to different age groups. CHADS is the largest provider of suicide prevention programming in Missouri, and the only local provider of an evidence-based prevention program shown to reduce actual suicide attempts in controlled studies.

Social and Emotional Well Being Program

2020-2022 Core Award - $300,000.00

CHADS Social and Emotional Well-Being Program (SEW), a part of CHADS School Outreach, consists of multiple evidence-based services: The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP), CHADS Mentoring, and Second Step. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is an evidence-based, school-wide program designed with a multi-component approach that involves individuals, classrooms, entire schools, as well as parents and communities, to successfully address and reduce bullying by creating an "anti-bullying" culture. CHADS Mentoring creates a respectful environment where mentees can receive positive and specific guidance to develop social and emotional skills. CHADS addresses both student concerns and difficulties as well as builds on strengths. CHADS Second Step provides expert, evidence-based lessons and materials to teach social and emotional skills on a whole classroom basis for students in kindergarten through 8th grade.