Funded Program(s)

Keystone Outpatient Mental Health Services

2020-2022 Core Award - $524,000.00

Keystone Outpatient Mental Health Services is a mental health practice that assesses and treats mental and behavioral disorders. The program seeks to reduce symptoms and increase functioning through early intervention, especially for persons with limited access to mental health care. The program addresses many concerns: depression, attention deficits, anxiety, trauma-related disorders, school and relationship problems, attachment, loss/grief, and diagnostic clarification. A team of psychologists, clinical social workers, psychiatrist, and registered nurse are equipped to provide researched and appropriate care specific to each concern. The program's experience in addressing a range of social, behavioral, and emotional concerns ensures continuity of care. Within this breadth of services, the program also has specialties that include: treating the young child, complex conditions, comprehensive psychological evaluation, and cultural competency. Other services the program provides are parenting assessment/coaching, community education and professional consultation.