Funded Program(s)

Family Outreach and Community Services - Positive Youth Justice

2020-2022 Core Award - $179,000.00

Family Outreach and Community Services are provided to parents, children, and adolescents in the family home or wherever they currently reside. The goal is to successfully outreach and engage families whose children have demonstrated a need for therapy or other supportive services, but who have been unable to successfully access these services. Clinicians work with families to identify any barriers to treatment and establish a sustainable plan to see that their children's behavioral health and developmental needs are being met. Sessions involve coaching and support for problem solving, skill building, self-advocacy, self-care, and the development of a comprehensive network of supports to meet both the children's and caregivers' needs. All activities promote child and family well-being and functioning in the family, school, and community. This includes motivating and helping parents connect to services that they, too, may need to enable them to be most effective as a caregiver.

Multi-Systemic Therapy

2020-2022 Core Award - $500,000.00

Multisystemic Therapy is an intensive, evidence-based family therapy that targets the root causes of problem behaviors that place 12-17 year-olds at risk for out-of-home placement. Thorough assessment of youth factors, family relationships, peer influence, school functioning, and community strengths and needs results in targeted interventions designed to stabilize the youth & family while also helping parents develop the skills, strategies, and resources needed to support their teenager's future growth and healthy development. Therapy is highly individualized to fit the existing strengths and unique needs identified by each family. Services are provided in the home multiple times per week and arranged to fit a family's schedule. Youth and parents have 24/7 access to therapist support and are connected to physical health, psychiatric, educational, recreational, and social services as needed.