Funded Program(s)

Washington University – The SYNCHRONY Project

2020-2022 Core Award - $687,000.00

The SYNCHRONY Project is a clinical service of the Washington University Division of Child Psychiatry, Its mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect, principally among infants and young children in foster care, and among newborns of stressed parents with unmet mental health needs.  The team is comprised of child psychiatrists and a multidisciplinary group of clinicians with special expertise in infancy and maternal-child health.  In the course of providing comprehensive psychiatric assessment and care to the families, we collaborate with the Family Court and the Missouri Department of Social Services in devising intervention plans to promote the highest possible level of safety and wellbeing for the children and families enrolled. The program occupies a critical niche in the community by providing two-generation psychiatric care and intensive evidence-based parenting education, to support the long-term mental health and safety of the County’s most fragile infants and preschoolers.