ESF 14 provides a mechanism for coordinating support to local governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the private sector to enable community recovery from the long-term consequences of extraordinary disasters. ESF 14 accomplishes this by identifying and facilitating availability and use of sources of recovery funding and providing technical assistance (such as impact analyses) for community recovery and recovery planning support.

It may be activated for incidents that require a response to address significant long-term impacts (e.g., impacts on housing, government operations, agriculture, businesses, employment, community infrastructure, the environment, human health and social services) to foster sustainable recovery.

ESF 14 provides the coordination mechanisms for St. Louis County government to:

  • Support the assessment of the long-term recovery needs in the impacted areas and exchange assessment information among departments and agencies.
  • Convene interagency recovery expertise to provide strategic guidance to long-term recovery efforts.
  • Identify and address long-term recovery issues.
  • Avoid duplication of assistance, coordinate program application processes and planning requirements to streamline assistance processes, and identify and coordinate resolution of policy and program issues.
  • Identify programs and activities across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors that similarly support long-term recovery and promote coordination between them.
  • Identify appropriate programs and agencies to support implementation of comprehensive long-term community planning and identify gaps in available resources.
  • Identify appropriate programs and agencies to support and facilitate continuity of long-term recovery activities.
  • Work with local governments; NGOs; and private-sector organizations to support long-term recovery planning for highly impacted communities.
  • Link recovery planning to sound risk reduction practices to encourage a more viable recovery.
  • Strategically apply subject-matter expertise to help communities recover from disasters.

ESF 14 support will vary depending on the magnitude and type of incident.