ESF 8 provides the mechanism for coordinated assistance to assure local resources in response to a public health and medical disaster within St. Louis County and leads the local effort to provide that assistance to the affected area. This includes responding to medical needs associated with mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse considerations of incident victims and response workers.

Services also cover the medical needs of special needs or at risk populations. It includes a population whose members may have medical and other functional needs before, during or after an incident.

ESF 8 provides assistance to local governments in the following core functional areas:

  • Assessment of public health,
  • Health surveillance,
  • Health/medical/veterinary equipment and supplies,
  • Safety and security of drugs, biologics and medical devices,
  • Blood and blood products,
  • Food safety and security,
  • All-hazard public health and technical assistance and support,
  • Behavioral health care,
  • Public health and medical information,
  • Vector control,
  • Public health aspects of potable water/wastewater and solid waste disposal,
  • Mass fatality management, victim identification and decontaminating remains,
  • Veterinary medical support.

The St. Louis County Department of Health leads the local public health response to public health emergencies and incidents covered by the National Response Framework (NRF). the response addresses the medical and other functional needs of those in need of medical care, including assistance or support in maintaining independence, communicating, using transportation, and/or requiring supervision.