ESF 9 rapidly deploys components of the local fire departments and districts to provide specialized lifesaving assistance to local authorities when activated for incidents or potential incidents requiring a coordinated local response. This includes: 

  • Structural Collapse,
  • Waterborne Search and Rescue,
  • Inland/Wilderness Search and Rescue,
  • Aeronautical Search and Rescue.

Search and Rescue services include:

  • Performance of distress monitoring,
  • Communications,
  • Location of distressed personnel,
  • Coordination and execution of rescue operations including extrication or evacuation along with the provisioning of medical assistance and civilian services through the use of public and private resources to assist persons and property in potential or actual distress.
  • Animal search and rescue services provided by animal control agencies and humane organizations will be integrated with human search and rescue operations as required.

The functions of ESF 9 also fall under the auspices of the local fire agencies as outlined in ESF 4 and are accomplished with their support.