County Executive Dr. Sam Page Announces Transformation Agenda

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (March 3, 2021) County Executive Dr. Sam Page today announced his Transformation Agenda, focused on improving customer service and efficiency within St. Louis County government. The Transformation Agenda builds on foundational work his administration has done since taking office in 2019 to reform how County government operates.

“Coming out of the pandemic, we must reimagine the services we deliver and how we deliver them,” Dr. Page said. “We can ensure good government for everyone only by focused attention on projects that can transform County government into an even more customer-centered and efficient operation.”

One of the most prominent transformations in County government has been restructuring all customer-facing work in the County government building so that it is in one easy location. The new Customer Service Center, which opened in the summer of 2020, also features online appointment scheduling and data-analysis software that enables managers to reduce wait times. Also, in 2020, the County implemented electronic signatures for contracts, a text alert platform for residents, telehealth services and tele-interviews for jobs, and a new website that can be translated in 179 languages.

In the fall and winter of 2020, County personnel worked closely with a team from Boston Consulting Group (“BCG”) to plan a series of new projects that will help reform County government for the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. BCG is an international company that helps public and private sector organizations to improve customer service, achieve cost savings, and make services more efficient. BCG’s services cost about one percent of the total CARES funding the County received from the federal government.

The Transformation Agenda includes projects like:

  • using the Customer Service Center as a model to transform satellite offices;
  • improving the customer experience by optimizing 311 customer services and digitizing service management;
  • developing a performance management system;
  • integrating internal systems to save time and more easily share data;
  • increasing customer access to information and building dashboards to track service level outcomes and customer feedback;
  • simplifying the procurement process and tracking key performance indicators;
  • adopting a hybrid work model and reducing the County’s real estate footprint; and
  • creating electronic permitting and plan review.

“From its initial stages, the Transformation Agenda was enthusiastically supported by County employees,” said Andria Nelson Roberts, who Page appointed to serve as the County’s first Director of Transformation. “Spending only about one percent of CARES funds to reinvest in improving customer service, finding cost savings, and increasing efficiency is a good deal for taxpayers.”

To arrange an interview with Nelson Rogers to discuss the Transformation Agenda, please contact Doug Moore, at [email protected] or 314-565-5472.