County Executive Page Creates Economic Rescue Team to Aid in COVID-19 Recovery


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (March 23, 2020) – On the first day of the Stay at Home order, County Executive Dr. Sam Page created a new agency to help plan for an economic recovery after the COVID-19 response ends.

The St. Louis County Economic Rescue Team will help advise the county on stabilizing the local economy, adopting new laws and policies that aid in a rapid recovery, and coordinating any fed-eral or state stimulus for local businesses.

“The coronavirus is making our friends sick and it’s making our local economy sick too,” Dr. Page said. “We know St. Louis County’s workers and business owners will be hurt. The Eco-nomic Rescue Team can help them heal when this virus has run its course.”

The team will coordinate with similar teams that may be created in surrounding jurisdictions, ex-isting regional economic development partners, and other political subdivisions. “This is a time to set politics aside. We will need a bi-partisan, all-hands-on-deck approach, and that’s what I’m hoping this team will do,” Page added.

The team will be appointed by the County Executive from applications submitted to his office. Applications can be submitted by filling out an online form at