County Executive Page Signs Executive Order Requiring Restaurants and Bars to Practice Social Distancing


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (March 17, 2020) – County Executive Sam Page signed an executive order today requiring all restaurants and bars in St. Louis County to institute social distancing measures that can limit the spread of COVID-19.

Starting today, all businesses that offer food or beverages for on-premises consumption must implement social distancing measures. Social distancing measures include reducing the number of employees and customers in one room.

Starting by 12:01 a.m. on March 20, all restaurants and bars must start serving customers only through delivery, carry-out, curbside, or a drive-through.

“Social distancing is the new reality,” said Dr. Page. “This practice needs to become part of our daily habits, including how we enjoy dinner out. I appreciate all the entrepreneurs who will use their creativity to support our region’s health during this critical period.”

This is the fourth executive order issued by Dr. Page to limit the spread of COVID-19. Others have declared a state of emergency, imposed restrictions on large gatherings, and adopted family-friendly employment policies.