Firm Hired to Investigate Personnel Matters, Other Issues at Justice Center


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (September 17, 2020) St. Louis County has hired Vera Causa Group LLC (VCG) to assess personnel concerns in the Justice Center.

In their work, the VCG investigators also will identify areas of review for a comprehensive investigation of the Justice Services Department, something County Executive Dr. Sam Page and the Justice Services Advisory Board he appointed have called for.

The leaders of VCG, Jennifer M. Joyce and Susan C. Ryan, are experienced investigators who have expertise in both human resources and the criminal justice system. They will be working with staff from the county counselor’s office to conduct this initial investigation as swiftly as possible.

The investigation will include phone/video conference interviews with several employees and a mandatory, anonymous online survey for every Justice Services employee to complete. The data collected will be included in a confidential report for the St. Louis County Counselor.

“As the chief legal counsel for the county, I want to make sure that each of you is working in an environment in which you feel supported and heard,” County Counselor Beth Orwick said in a letter to employees. “As a result of complaints brought to my attention, I have arranged for an investigation of personnel matters and other issues in the Justice Center.”

The work by VCG is expected to begin this week and take about two weeks to complete.