County Executive Page Requests Funding for COVID-19 Testing for the Uninsured


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (March 24, 2020) – County Executive Dr. Sam Page asked the County Council to approve $200,000 in emergency funding to pay for COVID-19 testing for uninsured residents of St. Louis County. The Council is expected to consider Dr. Page's request at its meet-ing today.

"The coronavirus will impact each of us, but it will hurt some more than others," Dr. Page said. "Our friends and neighbors who don't have health insurance coverage still need to be tested -- for their own health, for their family's health, and for the health of our community."

Testing for uninsured residents is part of an overall emphasis on making sure that COVID-19 tests are available in all parts of St. Louis County. "Since the crisis began, we have advocated for the state and local health systems to distribute tests in North, South, Central, and West County. They’ve done as good of a job as they can given the limited number of tests available nationwide," Dr. Page added.

Anyone can call any of these locations, but for better access, we recommend you choose the closest in your region.

North County – Christian Hospital Northeast, call 314-653-5000 and hospital operator can transfer you to a screener and get authorization for testing.

Mid County – Barnes-Jewish Hospital, call 314-747-3000 and hospital operator can transfer you to a screener for authorization at the testing site.

West County – Mercy Hospital, call 314-251-0500 for authorization and testing site instructions.

South County – St. Luke’s Des Peres Hospital, call 314-966-9107, must have a doctor’s referral and will schedule for an appointment