Head of St. Louis County Housing Authority to Retire at End of Year


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (September 10, 2020) Susan Rollins, long-time executive director of the St. Louis County Housing Authority, will retire at the end of the year.

“Susan has demonstrated strong leadership through challenging times including a successful effort by my office to save public housing in Wellston that the federal government wanted to tear down,” said County Executive Dr. Sam Page. “I appreciate all of her hard work and wish her the best.”

Bishop Calvin Scott, chairman of the housing authority board, said Rollins did a remarkable job of navigating difficult situations including federal government shutdowns and changes in policy and administrations that require a steady hand at the helm.

“She’s proven to be a consistent leader. She’s done a phenomenal job,” Scott said. Rollins was appointed executive director of the housing authority in June 2008 by former county executive Charlie Dooley.

“It’s been an honor to serve for almost 13 years as executive director of the housing authority,” Rollins said. “To be able to continue serving two more administrations after Dooley, I’m humbled that they felt strongly I could do the job. I care very much about the people of this community and have an amazing staff who cares about this community.”

Rollins said she wanted to stay on until the end of the year to ensure that the Wellston public housing redevelopment project was handed off to BGC Advantage, a developer recently selected to rehab just under 200 housing units.

“It’s a creative project and I think something special is going to come from this,” she said.