County Executive Page and Municipal League Announce Lifting of Delivery Restrictions to Grocery Stores and Pharmacies During Coronavirus Crisis


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (March 20, 2020) – County Executive Dr. Sam Page and the Municipal League of Metro St. Louis have worked with county municipalities to ease noise and hour restrictions placed on deliveries to grocery stores and pharmacies.

“We want to make sure that groceries and pharmacies are able to get the inventory they need to keep our region going during this challenging time,” said County Executive Page.

Hours of delivery and noise restrictions vary throughout the county. Removing those challenges for deliveries will keep food, water, medicine, baby supplies and other necessities flowing into the neighborhoods, Page said.

“The municipalities understand that relaxing the times in which goods can be delivered is an important step during a pandemic to ensure that our residents get the vital supplies they need,” said Pat Kelly, executive director of the Municipal League.

Schnuck Markets and Dierbergs Markets said the temporary changes will go a long way in ensuring families have what they need during these challenging times.

“This is a great example during unprecedented times of how local government’s partnership with businesses can make a significant difference,” said Dave Peacock, president and COO of Schnuck Markets, Inc. “We appreciate the leadership of our elected officials as we work together to serve our communities.”

“We at Dierbergs Markets appreciate the cooperation and leadership of St. Louis County, the Municipal League of Metro St. Louis and the individual municipalities for taking these necessary steps in an effort to assist us in managing our supply chain and foodservice resources during these unprecedented circumstances,” said Brent Beumer, vice president of Dierbergs Markets.