St. Louis County Launches New Sunshine Law Portal, Creating More Efficient Access to Public Records


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (October 14, 2020) A new portal on St. Louis County's website will make it easier to file requests for public records and get status updates on the requests.

Any time an update is made on the request, the person who made it is automatically notified so there is no guessing on the status of the request.

The software comes with a search function. After typing in a few words, the system prompts the user to similar data already uploaded and asks if the user would like to view those records before submitting a request.

This new system will save time and money for St. Louis County and get the information to the person who requested it more quickly.

All data provided through a Sunshine Law request is uploaded in a PDF format so it can be easily downloaded.

This system is for records requests from all county departments.

"Getting information out to the public as quickly as possible provides better communication and transparency," said County Executive Dr. Sam Page.

The new Sunshine Request Portal can be found at Click "Services" at the top of the page.