County Executive Page’s Paid Family Leave Policy Implemented


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (December 17, 2019) - Earlier this year, County Executive Page requested that St. Louis County’s Civil Service Commission allow employees to take paid family and medical leave for all County employees. Today, the policy was implemented.

The County’s paid parental and caregiver leave policy will provide two weeks of paid time off to all employees to care for a new child or a sick family member. Adding paid family leave as an additional benefit of County employment will empower employees to be good family members, parents, and caregivers at times when their families need them most.

“This is long overdue,” County Executive Page said. “By showing leadership through our own policies, I hope to encourage other employers to put our region on the map as a good place for women to work and raise a family. Paid family leave is a good start.”

Analysis from the County’s Women in the Workplace working group showed there should be relatively minimal out-of-pocket costs associated with implementing a paid family leave policy. With these benefits at low cost to taxpayers, offering paid family leave to County employees is the right thing to do.

This is just the latest equity initiative County Executive Page’s administration has introduced since he took office. This summer, County Executive Page signed an executive order banning inquiries into and reliance upon salary history in setting pay rates for newly hired employees. County Executive Page’s administration continues to identify additional recommendations it can implement to support women in the workplace.