County Executive Dr. Sam Page Announces Participatory Budget Process for Targeted ZIP Codes


St. Louis County, MO (June 29, 2020) - A CARES Act Ballot is available for members of the public to take part in a participatory budgeting process that will determine where federal funds are distributed.

When the County was awarded a $173.5 million grant from the federal government, County Executive Page stressed that the money would go where it is needed most. Advisors from across the County have brought in their varied various expertise and experiences to assist in distribution.

“From the start, I committed to getting assistance and resources to the communities hardest hit during the pandemic,” said County Executive Page. “Participatory budgeting provides a unique opportunity to give communities in greater need a larger voice in the process and become their own advocates.”

Participatory budgeting asks residents in some of the most vulnerable parts of the County to decide how to spend $7 million in federal CARES Act funding for community healthcare services. Targeted areas include 18 ZIP codes – 17 in North County, and one in the Southeast.

The ZIP codes for participatory budgeting are: 63133, 63120, 63136, 63137, 63121, 63134, 63138, 63074, 63135, 63114, 63140, 63033, 63042, 63044, 63034, 63132, 63125, and 63130.

Targeted areas were chosen based on census and other data including median household income, unem-ployment rate, percentage of people uninsured, and rate of COVID-19 in that part of the County.

The participatory budget process will be built into more programs across the County as time goes on. This concept incorporates voices not often sought in the decision-making process and empowers our communities.

Additional community members will review proposals. After an RFP process, contracts will then be is-sued to provide the services to residents in the targeted areas.

The CARES Act Ballot can be found online: