St. Louis County Personal Property Declarations Due March 1st

Be sure to file on time and check extra carefully this year, warns Zimmerman

St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman today announced that now is the time for taxpayers to be sure that the information on their Personal Property Declaration is up to date and that Declarations are filed on time and accurately. “All Declarations have been mailed to taxpayers,” Zimmerman noted. “Your annual personal property tax bill is based on the information provided on the Declaration. Inaccurate or incomplete information will hamper your ability to renew license plates or register vehicles and may result in additional fees.”

The deadline for filing Personal Property Declarations is March 1st. Declarations can be filed online at, by U.S. Mail, or in person at the County Administration Building in Clayton.

“This is especially important this year”, he continued. “In stressful times, the last thing anyone needs is a hassle at the license office because the County had the wrong information about your car.” On top of that, many car values have actually gone up this year because used cars are selling for higher prices. “That,” said Zimmerman, “makes it especially important for you to check the make, model, and year on the declaration and make sure we’ve got it right.”

The Assessor’s office, under Missouri law, values all cars based on current values from the NADA guide. Value increases, while uncommon, are consistent with national trends, largely due to the economic impact of the pandemic.1 As of January 1, 2021, approx. 791,000 cars and trucks were registered in St. Louis County.