County Executive Dr. Sam Page Announces Purchase of Mobile Hotspots, Tablets to Ensure All Students Have Tools for Virtual School This Fall


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (August 2, 2020) - County Executive Dr. Sam Page announced Sunday that the county will purchase thousands of mobile hotspots and tablets to ensure all students have the tools they need for virtual school this fall.

“This year – the year of COVID-19 – internet access is a basic school supply,” Dr. Page said. “But it’s a school supply that just isn’t accessible to thousands of our residents.”

In March, the St. Louis County Library conducted a survey of school districts and found that more than 10,000 households in St. Louis County do not have access to the internet or a device to access it. Partnering with the library and the school districts, St. Louis County will use $4 million from its CARES Act grant to provide:

  • 12,500 mobile hotspots to fill an internet access gap.
  • 2,500 tablet computers to make sure no child slips through the cracks of what the school districts are already providing.
  • Access to an online professional tutor 12 hours a day every day of the week. That service, offered through, will be available to every student in St. Louis County schools without exception.

“I am committed to doing what it takes to make sure that no child goes without the tools they need to be successful in virtual school this fall,” Dr. Page said. “If more hotspots or tablets are needed, we’ll invest what we have to in order to meet our goal.”