County Executive Page Seeks Restoration of Creve Coeur Park Site

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (February 3, 2021) St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page is seeking the restoration of a 40-acre site in Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park.

The site was damaged after the previous administration allowed a developer to begin preparing the land to construct an ice hockey facility on federally protected open space. The project, which was illegal, was stopped.

Dr. Page recently wrote to the County Council asking for legislation to enter into an agreement with the Missouri Prairie Foundation (“MPF”) for a native prairie planting project in the park. Legislation is expected to be introduced next week.

Under the plan, MPF would plant native grasses and wildflowers on 40 acres in the northern corner of the park that the previous administration had denuded in 2017 for a proposed ice rink. Outcry from the County Council and members of the public brought a halt to the ice rink plan, which had been undertaken without proper federal or state authorization.

“The native prairie planting project will restore some of the biodiversity that had been stripped from Creve Coeur Park and will create additional habitat for butterflies, songbirds and other wildlife,” Dr. Page said.

Over the course of the next three years, MPF’s work will include preparing the project site for planting, seeding, mowing, weeding, removing invasive species and conducting prescribed burns to further the establishment of the native prairie plants. There will be no initial cost to the County associated with the plan.

Dr. Page said, “Once restored, this site shall remain in a natural state in perpetuity for the benefit and enjoyment of St. Louis County residents.”