County Executive Dr. Sam Page Requests Special Fund to Ensure Transparency of COVID-19 Spending


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (April 14, 2020) County Executive Dr. Sam Page on Monday asked the County Council to establish a fund for the retention and appropriation of monies from the CARES Act.

County Executive Page said in his request to the council that when spending the federal funds, special emphasis should be placed on filling the needs of vulnerable and underserved populations, including African American communities, where the highest percentage of COVID-19 cases are occurring.

“This allows us to be transparent while we work to save lives, help our residents meet their basic needs and revive our economy,” County Executive Page said.

The legislation requested by County Executive Page would establish a compliance program to ensure expenses are made with federal law and regulations and create a web portal so the public can see detailed reports of all CARES Act-related expenses.

“For too long, segments of our population have been left behind,” said County Executive Page. “We cannot let this be another one of those times.”

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