County Executive Page Takes Steps to Help Employees Work From Home While Providing Services to Public


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (March 17, 2020) – County Executive Sam Page has signed an executive order allowing more flexibility in employee work schedules to protect the health of County workers and residents.

The order also asks the Civil Service Commission to allow employees to perform other duties than those that may be listed in their classification. This will allow the employee, if working from home, to continue contributing to the operations of the County if the employee cannot perform regularly assigned duties while working from home.

The order also requests that the Commission approve an order, issued by the county executive, to require employees who have traveled outside the St. Louis area to obtain approval from the county Department of Public Health before returning to work. While awaiting that permission, the employee may work from home, if possible, and stay away from the workplace until approved for return.

“We will make every effort to lessen any adverse effects these adaptations may have on our community and we will keep an open mind about innovative ways of maintaining services to the public,” County Executive Page said. “St. Louis County can perform our services successfully only with the hard work and dedication of our employees. Protecting the health of our employees is a priority as we confront the COVID-19 crisis.”

The changes will be considered by the Civil Service Commission later today.