First CARES Municipal Relief Program Payments to support COVID 19 Efforts

St. Louis County, MO (November 9, 2020) – In the ongoing effort to buoy the local economy and support our communities during COVID-19, St. Louis County distributed another $3,259,264 of its CARES Act funds last week through the Municipal Relief Program.

Early this year, St. Louis County received a $173.5 million federal grant to assist in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds were committed to addressing the three-fold crisis that COVID-19 created for the County – a public health crisis, a humanitarian crisis, and an economic crisis.

From the federal CARES Act grant, $47 million was earmarked for distribution to county municipalities to reclaim public health and safety expenses that went toward mitigating the COVID-19 emergency. Of the 88 municipalities in St. Louis County, 86 have been approved for funds through the County’s Municipal Relief Program.

“The additional expenses stemming from public safety during COVID-19 wasn’t something anyone could have expected when building a 2020 budget,” said County Executive Dr. Sam Page. “We knew that providing municipalities with funds to offset public safety costs would be a priority.”

To date, 59 municipalities have received payments from the Municipal Relief Program, including the 16 that went out last week to Bel-Nor, Northwoods, Glen Echo Park, Pine Lawn, Cool Valley, Hanley Hills, Wellston, Marlborough, Normandy, Webster Groves, Town and Country, Breckenridge Hills, St. John, Beverly Hills, Hazelwood, and Hillsdale.

More information on these expenses and all others can be found through the transparency portal on under “COVID-19 Spending.”